cloud boat - model of you

  • Cat No : amb1409cd
  • Label : Apollo
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We've had a watchful eye on Cloud Boat. Their debut ep for R&S was on heavy rotation here. We held our breath for their debut full-length 'Book of Hours' and it delivered. That album features some really great songwriting cleverly obscured with more modern electronic composition. There were, albeit sparse, some rather pleasing 'personal folk' moments on that album and it made us wonder "is this where thier boat is headed?". Their new album, 'Model of You', actually contains none of the soft introspective folk of their debut. On the contrary 'Model of You' slowly ebbs and flows from pop electronica to introspective minimal/maximal vocal tracks. While those two can seem worlds apart the duo is adept at both. One of our favorite tracks is the very poignant 'Told You'. We hope the band explores more woks with this much intimacy and unresolved tension. Recommended for fans of Epic45, MMOTHS, Beacon and Blue Hawaii.

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