Chrisitan Kleine - valis

  • Cat No : morr011cd
  • Label : Morr Music
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2002 CD release. First things first: Christian Kleine, Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and software crack, prefers music as a means of communication. Following two 7"s, remixes for Bomb The Bass and Múm, forays into the great unknown with Herrmann & Kleine as well as his debut album Beyond Repair on allied label City Centre Offices, for Valis Kleine has now rediscovered his love for analog instruments -- a move that shouldn't really come as too much of a surprise considering his diverse musical background. As a subtle homage to heroes from Eno to Boards of Canada, from Seefeel to Pan American, on Valis, Kleine exploits his extended range of instruments to refine delicately layered beats, to breathe a little soul into chilly electronics and coalesce melancholic fragility with persistent melodies, folky electronica gliding past us like a wintery landscape. But the definition doesn't suit Kleine, his work defies any categorization according to genres or arrangements. Though computer-programmed, Valis does not address our head or legs, but unfolds its hidden warmth only in our hearts.