chris abrahams - memory night

  • Cat No : rm453
  • Label : Room40
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Chris Abrahams' Memory Night is his third edition for Room40 -- Play Scar and Thrown preceding this album. Widely-recognized as the pianist for Australian liminal improvisation trio The Necks, Chris Abrahams' solo work etches out an entirely different universe. It's a place that is entirely his own, unashamedly unique and at times startling -- yet always alluring. On Memory Night, Abrahams' expands his sonic palette, building on the uneasy frontiers of the highly-regarded Play Scar. Never content to revisit past glories, Abrahams charts course into unfamiliar sound spaces, where electronics and instruments meet in a constant state of tension and release. Nothing is quite what it appears upon first listen and as a result Memory Night demands an attentive ear. Recorded across 2011 and 2012, Memory Night is a haunted series of pieces that provoke and compel. Chris Abrahams has created what can only be described as a profound rendering of contemporary composition -- a powerful, yet delicate evocation of sound, where instruments and electronics melt and are reformed.

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