bvdub - Hard Times, Hard Hearts - 2 x CD

  • Cat No : AY051
  • Label : AY
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Brock Van Wey, a.k.a. bvdub, an extraordinary talent who connects electronica/ambient/drone dub, returns to AY, the Japanese label where he has released three albums so far. He is known for his prolific output, but this is a valuable double album with a profound story.

The first album, "Complexity", is a melancholic ambient piece with bvdub's signature vocal samples, and a fast beat piece that cuts through the layers of heavy synth sounds. The flickering textures of the sounds create a shimmering sonic journey between intensity and tranquility.

On the other hand, the second album "Simplicity" focuses on beatless music. The shimmering particles of sound aggregate and spread out like ripples, gently enveloping the listener. The journey of sound that leads to the title track "Hard Time" and "Hard Hearts" at the end of the album seems to be a story told in tranquility that invites you to a profound place.