az-rotator - Indefinable Sugar Cube

  • Cat No : ltc005
  • Label : Lovethechaos
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Click, zap, zip, Tshack…! All these sounds mixed with a bunch of outstanding filtered melodies make up the album “Indefinable Sugar Cube” produced by one of the best surgeons of current electronic scene: AZ Rotator. It all becomes a masterpiece that should be a pattern to follow in all Medicine Faculties. No place left for a safe nerve cell in your brain… Uge handles machines in an easy and unique way. This fact has given to his music the acknowledgement of the audience among the rest of electronic performers. His first record “Science of Chance” released by Adnoiseam label placed him on the top of “deconstructed music” lovers. This new album will reassert him as one of the most interesting musicians of the moment. “Insoluble Sugar Cube” emphasizes the melodic sensations and seems to be, at the same time, less raw than his previous work. In “Indefinable Sugar Cube”, the artist makes alive something that is supposed to be still. Each of the tracks recalls a near future where robots will arise under a light of hope. Something like the awaking of the bioclockworks. Fifteen tracks which could be fifteen rules for androids too. This is wonderful electronic stuff in the shape of a sonic maze in which you’d like to get lost. Uge achieves again his purpose with a particular view of surgeon electronica.

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