altars altars - small hours

  • Cat No : homen078
  • Label : Home Normal
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Moritz Leppers, the man behind the Altars Altars moniker, makes music using a variety of instruments running through his faithful, old reel-to-reel machine. Much has been made of reel-to-reel in recent years, but when you come across an artist who uses its limitations and beautiful randomness to such effect, it's deeply stirring. It is very refreshing to hear someone who makes simple, melodic, and inherently soulful ambient music, and it is a reminder of how rare it is to listen to such music and really feel connected when people play around far too much with computers, software, and plug-ins. Taking a few steps back and letting the music breath in such an organic way really has a truly deep meaning. Mastered by Ian Hawgood. Photography by Dominic Kreutzer. Design by Christian Roth and Ian Hawgood. Edition of 500.