v/a - polyphonic petals

  • Cat No : bitcdr003
  • Label : Bitlab


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Polyphonic Petals... This 'scientific and fictional' phrase seems ambiguous, but the solution is quite simple: The Hungarian Bitlab Records has compiled this release with the science of selection. Each and every petal on this release represents one genre of contemporary electronic music: The common root which these works of art stem from can be entertaining and positive world melodies or a composition made of unusual sounds and rhythms that makes the listener think. Maybe the label had no other restrictions but the limitation on stlyes and feelings; they wanted to create a topsoil for these musics, where Hungarian artists' best works and well-know foreign artists' yet unknown tracks can be complementers of each other, collaborating to make their releases breed, so that they can become a really colorful and entertaining arboretum. Friends from Chicago to St. Petersbourg contributed with one masterpiece while introducing the very best of the Hungarian electronica scene. The lucky owners of the compilation will realise that Vector Lovers, Miles Tilmann, Ten and Tracer, Joel Tammik and many other talented artists really did a good job, and the hungarian artists Cooler, HdjTom, Tigrics, Soutien Gorge didn't drop behind.

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