heezen - golden flow

  • Cat No : s.mon001cdr
  • Label : Imaginary Nonexistent Records


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In the winter of 2007 to 2008 the wind didn't blow with particular violence, nor did it routinely, but the idea of recording the sound of the wind acting on different objects without human intervention, was taking shape in my head, almost accidentally, from recordings of whistles produced a window. I started recording with a cheap dynamic microphone, and eventually I was adding other devices to the recording sessions: more microphones, built some contact from some Christmas, a tape recorder and the recorder of a digital camera always looking for the moment that would not have anyone, then no one guessed that a year later would not have to look for these absences, and that no inhabitant could alter the sound produced by our house when the wind is blowing in a different intensity in different directions and stays at different heights, inside or outside, when knocking on doors, curtains, gently shake the windows, the structure or brutally, like a wind instrument . Despite this, other sounds 'unexpected' were also recorded: the tv from the neighbors, motorcycles, conversations, footsteps, bad connections, blows to the microphones. The recordings were multiplied in the computer's hard disk and tape, dozens of everyday sounds that are part of my life that were processed between Castellon and Alicante, in absences, from October 2008 to February 2009 to give shape to these five track