xtrngr - climbing lp

  • Cat No : dis019
  • Label : Discontinurecords
12" Vinyl


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Since his last album, XTRNGR has been immersed into the creation of his new work for Discontinurecords. Together, his las album brought him to various festivals such as Sónar, Mutek and Mira. He has also released an EP in outlierrecordings and has collaborated in various remixes. Now he wants to introduce us to Climbing, an album that evolves towards an iconoclastic and futuristic sound and a chameleonic variety of styles. His already familiar atmospheres are more obscure this time, leading the listener to randomly fantasize. Now his style is more open, flexible and wide, but also fast and dangerous. The dancefloor oriented tracks have deeper and heavier breaks while the contemplative ones show crunchy textures and inventive shapes, far from any plug-in associated aesthetic. Like a shot of pure electricity. The voice of MissQ contributes to a more organic perception of sound. When the listening is over, one has the feeling of having been lost in the substances that create the electronic cosmos of our times.

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