Steve Hauschildt - Dissolvi - Red LP

  • Cat No : gi320lp
  • Label : Ghostly International
12" Vinyl


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Steve Hauschildt makes the leap from Kranky to Ghostly and takes a slight turn to the left on his new album Dissolvi. Leaving the slow-drawn ambient of his previous two albums to focus more on percolating synths and percussion that seem to have their feet dancing very close towards Artificial Intelligence veering electronic music of the late nineties. In some spots, the album can even feel a tad but (early) Autechrian, although there is some steady four-on-the-floor beat work in the album's half hour mark that break the album up. The track Saccade featuring vocals by Julianna Barwick might just be worth the price of admission alone with its steady Global Communication style percussion and Aphex Twin style 3 chord cascading melody.

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