Silk Road Assassins - State Of Ruin - 2 x lp

  • Cat No : ziq402
  • Label : Planet Mu
12" Vinyl


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Silk Road Assassins, a trio consisting of Tom E Vercetti, Chemist and Lovedr0id, return to Planet Mu with their debut full-length 'State Of Ruin' two years after their first EP 'Reflection Spaces'. The album explores how trap and grime's minimalist form can be built and curved into musical architecture: elegant, opaque and layered, turning the sound into lush, melodic world-building. The work is revealed on repeated listens, every sound on this record feels built to sit within its delicate ecosystem. Hand claps spray, bells tumble, guitars splinter and lush melodies waft over and fill the track's spaces like light, glinting across snapping, crisp rhythms and deep bass tones.

The album also features two Planet Mu alumni, Kuedo who features on 'Split Matter' brings some of his bitter-sweet shimmering melodies and on 'Shadow Realm' Russian producers WWWINGS give the music a violent metallic edge, providing the record with an epic and unexpected twist towards the end.