sea oleena - shallow lp

  • Cat No : lefse069
  • Label : Lefse
12" Vinyl


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CHARLOTTE OLEENA began writing simple soundscapes as SEA OLEENA in early 2010, shaped by melancholy and never wanting to leave her bedroom. With an initial focus on recording, she began playing shows by herself regularly a year after the release of her first EP. Since then she’s played shows with a handful of musicians, but has recently been playing alone again, moving pointedly in the direction of wide and open ambient worlds. At the end of 2012, following two self-released EPs, Oleena began writing what would become her first label-released album, Shallow. The album was finished in the fall of 2013, having been recorded and mixed in various bedrooms and studios, with unrelenting and indispensable help from her brother, LUKE LOSETH.

Shallow finds Oleena at her most focused, compelling state yet. Her tactful use of textures and instrumentation make for a blissful, cinematic listen that’s centered on what matters most: her captivating voice. Lyrically, she’s unafraid to dive into heartbreaking experiences, which are riddled throughout the album, but feelings of hope and optimism blossom in their wake. Shallow is music to drive to, music to daydream to, music to become immersed in. Because once you let go, these are the songs you can’t help but cling to.