saffronkeira + mario massa - cause and effect LP

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  • Label : Denovali
12" Vinyl

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Our universe may have been born in the Big Bang. If this was the case, the Big Bang was the beginning of space and time. Nothing existed before, not even the very concept of "before". With the birth of space and time, another important notion entered the arena: the concept of cause and effect. The Big Bang had no cause, but everything which happened after did, thus being a cause and effect at the same time. This is at the heart of SAFFRONKEIRA's third album and his first collaboration record 'CAUSE AND EFFECT'.

Saffronkeira is the project of the Sardinian sound researcher EUGENIO CARIA. His first meeting with the Sardinian trumpet player MARIO MASSA was at a distance. Caria saw Massa playing on a regional TV program and was immediately caught by the immersed playing style of this musician which was unknown to him at that time. Eager to meet him, he asked several other Sardinian musicians and was lucky. He got Massa's name and phone number, immediately called him and proposed a meeting. Massa had always dreamt of a collaboration with an electronic music artist, while Caria had always been eager to work with a trumpet player, being fascinated by this instrument since his childhood. Thus, the meeting was a big success, indeed it was love at first sight.

Since then Caria and Massa met every weekend at Caria's studio and ideas bounced back and forth between the two musicians. Massa improvised over Caria's compositions, Caria added layers to Massa's play, there was not the slightest disagreement about the sound and dynamics of their tracks. Just as we can only marvel at the complexity of Nature which emerged only from this simple principle of cause and effect, we can only be astonished at the result of this collaboration.

The instruments of the two musicians wander unerringly through the musical landscape, from warm ambient sounds to rather abstract pieces, from thrilling hymns to threatening sound storms, but they never loose contact. Indeed, Massa trumpet play and Caria's electronics intertwine so well that at times it is difficult to distinguish them. Exploring the entire spectrum of their instruments and displaying their full virtuosity, Caria and Massa have created a unique masterpiece.

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