nev.era - presion profunda ep

  • Cat No : dis018
  • Label : Discontinurecords
12" Vinyl


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Discontinurecords presents new work Nev.Era, " Presión Profunda ", an album that at first listen leaves you surprised by the quality of the production from beginning to end with an overall sound that seems calculated in the selection and creation of each drum and break; melodies that create, transform and destroy the fruit of a hybrid between studio and improvisation that generate a mixture of toughness and warmth, darkness and beauty. Presión profunda is definitely a continuation of his wonderful work Acuario Ep ( Lovethechaos ), created from a different perspective and with a different structure. The artist keeps his own style and great melodies -always present in his compositions- leaving aside the epic in order to give us enough room to travel. Con.tacto ( Single Album ) introduces you to the record harshly with subsiding insistent medium tempo and deep bass voices fragments; in Sumersión, synthetic melody takes over the track, accompanied by dry rhythm and voices traveling with it; in a kind of meridian we find Deep pressure, a track that honours his own name by delving into a real sound pressure; Flotando, is the most purely rhythmic theme, with fragments of voices and synths that catches you, with a persistent melodic line that marks the progression of the track; Ondassísmicas, like Presión Profunda , play on a field environment, but with a subtle and almost inaudible company that gives prominence to exciting melodies and continuous atmospheres; Absorción, like Con.tacto and Flotando, concludes the album with a beautiful and powerful end, rounding definitely an album of precise and pristine production created from the soul. An album that goes from the broken and melancholic but marked Jon Hopkins rhythms, to the fusion of pop and experimental Electronica of the first Kangding Ray albums, through the angelic sound of Holy Other or the melodies and deep ambient atmospheres that reminds Boards of Canada

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