mkfn - substrate ep

  • Cat No : tb044
  • Label : Touchin Bass
12" Vinyl


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Touchin’ Bass takes a different turn this time by introducing you to newcomers MKFN, a live production project formed in 2012 by Babar Raza (US), Ovais Hassan (UK) and Fahad Ahmad (Canada). Over the course of the year they have designed a system that allows them to create music across borders that has been defined as experimental, dark and gritty. The collective integrates each member’s extensive musical background gained from working across multiple genres. This unique combination invites distinctive sounds into the studio forming the foundation for MKFN’s characteristic sound. Opening with ‘Substrate’ we get our first glimpse of their pitch-black landscape, with a pounding beat and sweeping electronics shimmering into play. ‘Resin’ comes knocking next like a hundred steelworkers crashing on anvils to awaken your senses. The thunder continues with ‘Xi’ as it scrapes at your eardrums with its crackling rhythm before the almost sci-fi feel of ‘Vessel’, which ends the vinyl version of this release. As a bonus track on the digital version, ‘Foundry’ packs its own punch with faster beats, but no less depth and darkness in the grove.

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