minor victories - s/t

  • Cat No : fp1563-2
  • Label : fat possum
12" Vinyl


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A happy accident? A feted coming together of like minds? Something beyond and outside their control? Minor Victories birth and progress has contained elements of all of this and more, both for those on the inside and us lot, looking in through the window.

The ‘facts’ are this. Justin Lockey, currently guitarist with Editors but polymath of film, photography and music comes towards the end of the mammoth touring schedule for the band’s fourth album, ‘The Weight Of Your Love’ and finds an itch to make something against that he has been engaged with in his day job that needs scratching. His vision is of an extreme noise EP topped off by a delicate female voice. Serendipity comes calling in the shape of a shared management relationship with Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell. Her musical appetite fully restored with the feted reunion of her original band, tracks are shared and two songs take shape. The two have never met.