Light Conductor - Sequence One - 180g LP

  • Cat No : cst139lp
  • Label : Constellation
12" Vinyl


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Light Conductor is the twilight slow-burn modular synthesis duo of Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy) and Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes). The pair have been kicking out these slow jams for years, in between their separate touring and producing duties, and have decided it's time to share. Sequence One is their first album: a warm shimmering sonic hug of enveloping drone and hypnotic arpeggiation flowing along buoyant filter-sweeping eddies and waves. Gently immersive like a saltwater bath under a starry sky, Light Conductor make nighttime/sunrise music in widescreen high-fidelity at their vintage-equipped Breakglass Studios in Montréal, pinning the pre-amps with stately, slowly shifting synth tones, stereophonic squelches, and pink noises. The seasoned producer-engineers marinate their mixes in slow-cooked analogue glaze, balancing spacious sound-staging against sumptuous saturation, bringing these studio sensibilities to bear on this profoundly mellow, atmospheric and satisfying music of slow inexorability and simplicity. Limited edition vinyl version is 333 hand-numbered copies in hand-printed silkscreen jackets with metallic bronze and opaque white ink over Ming Blue velllum-finish uncoated art stock paperboard. First pressing of 500 copies of Sequence One by Light Conductor on audiophile 180gram vinyl from Optimal (Germany) comes in a thick 24pt jacket and with 12”x24” art print poster, both spot printed in blue and metallic gold inks on uncoated papers and boards, with inside of jacket also spot printed in gold.

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