kettel - wingtip - 2 x lp

  • Cat No : dublp13
  • Label : Dub
12" Vinyl


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Dub records warmly welcomes back Kettel who makes his return to Clone/DUB records since his debut Cenny Crush 15 years ago (which was followed by the brilliant Whisper Me Wishes in 2007). After a hiatus of 3 years since his last release Kettel is releasing his new album on Clone Records. The talented musician has been busy producing music for computer games and commercials, but is now offering a fine selection of pieces he has made in the last couple years with this full length in mind. The result is a playful, inspiring, eclectic, delicate, melodic, well-balanced and brilliantly produced album fuzzing elements of electronica, classical music, jazz and techno stirred into flawless, memorable compositions. As a 90's kid Kettel has always been inspired by the early electronica pioneers (whose names don't even need to be mentioned... everyone knows who we're talking about, right?), and on this album too you can hear some of the aesthetics of those late 90's productions, but adopted into Kettel's unique world of confident rhythms and melodies filled with expression. The music on this record has a lyrical quality to it and is so expertly written that it does not strictly depend on its electronical environment: these compositions would still stand firm performed on whatever combination of instruments. Another lovely and magical release by Kettel that's spreading good vibes from the first to the last second!

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