fis - iterations lp

  • Cat No : tri024
  • Label : Tri Angle
12" Vinyl


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With the release of his 'Preparations’ EP on Tri Angle in late 2013, Fis and his inimitable and wholly original sound was introduced to the wider world. Since he’d first emerged with a series of ultra rare 12” releases in 2012 on various drum and bass oriented labels the Wellington, New Zealand based producer had quietly been tipped on the underground as one to watch. The praise heaped upon ?Preparations’ definitely seemed to justify the hype that had quietly been building behind the man otherwise known as Oliver Peryman. Pitchfork referred to Fis as an artist who ?was in the process of uncovering an altogether new rhythmic grammar’ and on ?Iterations’, his latest EP on Tri Angle, he continues to do just that. It’s still a pretty daunting task trying to explain exactly what Fis sounds like. He’s been referred to as a drum and bass producer, but as XLR8R have rightly stated, even in the context of the drum & bass resurgence there's little question that Fis is exploring some exciting, uncharted territory.’ The disorientating and confounding rhythms are still present, but in comparison to 'Preparations’, 'Iterations’ feels more expansive and oceanic, less claustrophobic and ever so slightly more approachable. What these 4 tracks confirm is that Fis is a producer who has something important and special to add to the electronic genre.