eluvium - talk amongst the trees - 2 x lp

  • Cat No : trr078lp
  • Label : Temporary Residence
12" Vinyl


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Beneath the cold water glow, Talk Amongst the Trees is a soundtrack for exploring the surface of your own ocean, slow moving like the sand that runs through your fingers, and incandescent like the most unique creatures of the sea. Lacking most recognizable instrumentation (save the guitar mantra, "Taken"), Talk Amongst the Trees is an album that exists in its own fantastic landscape. Making no attempt to compete with the world outside, it drags you inside your own subconscious, allowing sentimental thoughts and memories to pile up on themselves. As the hour-long journey progresses, details fall away until nothing remains but a warm, colorless, but intimately personal„ abyss. We're not sure how he does it, but once again Eluvium creates a new and beautiful feeling.

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