boothroyd - idle hours ep

  • Cat No : tri028lp
  • Label : Tri Angle
12" Vinyl


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With the release of his debut EP ‘Idle Hours’ Tri Angle is very excited to introduce Boothroyd, aka, 21 year old, Mancunian native Peter Boothroyd. Since moving to London less than a year ago for school and off the back of a handful of mp3s that have slowly circulated amongst musician friends and industry people alike, Boothroyd has been creating quite a stir for himself within the electronic music scene. Despite this being a debut release by a relative newcomer, 'Idle Hours' feels oddly anticipated within certain quarters. There are probably two reasons for this; a growing reputation for being one of the most oddly charismatic producers out there (interviews will undoubtedly be very illuminating) and of course the music itself, which is pretty much impossible to easily explain or classify. Setting out to create something that felt beautifully wide in scope, but also disfigured and jarring, Boothroyd wanted his music to sound cinematic whilst aesthetically mirroring how his own regular music listening experiences, via the saturated, ultra compressed world of Youtube. Purposefully recorded using the most basic of set ups and mixed with (in his words) 'cheap, shitty headphones', 'Idle Hours' feels like the most battered state of the art record you might hope to hear in 2014. It also makes clear Boothroyd is an artist to keep a serious eye on.