Anenon - Tougue - Clear LP

  • Cat No : fof164
  • Label : Friends of Friends
12" Vinyl


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Anenon, Los Angeles composer/producer Brian Allen Simon, readies his new album 'Tongue' for the Friends of Friends label. After his lauded album 'Petrol' and MOCA Los Angeles performance residency, Anenon was invited for a month-long residency at a music conservatory in Tuscany, Italy where he recorded his new album in full. 'Tongue' is another massive step in his vision, a bodily album full of live saxophone and piano playing, sonic articulation through winds, keys, & hammers. The concept is simple: beauty. Beauty materialized through the abstract articulation of love, loss, fear, addiction, confidence, longing, hope, and sadness. At its best, the infinitive array of human emotions swirled and distilled into sound. Sound becomes melody, harmony, rhythm. The medium is music.

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