enabl.ed - paranoid nostalgia
Enpeg Digital / en56 / 320K MP3 / $4.99
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enabl.ed - paranoid nostalgia
Paranoid Nostalgia marks the return of Enabl.ed to Enpeg. This 6-track EP embodies everything that makes Enabl.ed such a talented artist to watch/listen for. Glitched beats? Check. Classic IDM melodies? Check. A feeling of nostalgia drenched in a futuristic perspective? Check. Memories heavily influenced by anxiety and fear sonified to surgical rhythms fused together by heartfelt melodic lines and computer deep textures. Paranoid Nostalgia embodies every element that makes a classic IDM album a classic. Superb production, for sure, but most importantly a sense of humanity within a futuristic digital structure. Beautiful wonderful music.

Smells like you, taste like me
Industry Standard Wrap
Watch the Gap

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