stripmall architecture - we were flying kites
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stripmall architecture - we were flying kites
[RESTOCK] Last we checked in with Rebecca and Ryan Coseboom they had released albums under their R/R Coseboom project in 2007 as well as put their Halou project (with Count) to rest via a posthumous self titled album in 2008. Now the couple have created the new umbrella project Stripmall Architecture. Their debut album "We were Flying Kites" finds the duo enlisting help from Patrick Harte (the Rosemarys), Tim Hingston (Niles Lannon) , Roberto Burgos (Sweet Trip), and Erica Mulkey (unwoman) to create something far more organic, affecting and refreshingly more rough edged than their previous efforts. The album which really could be seen more as a indie guitar album than the duo's previous efforts but We Were Flying Kites has an undercurrent of sheen and opacity that fans of their previous work will recognize and find comfort in. This limited 2 CD set also features a bonus CD "Object 3" which features alternative versions, outtakes and remixes from Near The Parenthesis and Bitcrush.

Her Words
Stop Thief
Bleached White
What’s Wrong With The Kids Today?
A Trick Of Light
Beauty Is Suffering
The Droplet Sounds
We Were Flying Kites

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